Full Synthetic Brooklyn Lubricants Platinum Plus oils are formulated from high quality group III and group IV base stocks that utilize “hydrocracking” as the method of refining.  Group IV ingredients in Platinum Plus use polyalphaolefin (PAO) to add to the motor oils strength and lubricity.  Brooklyn Lubricants oil is combined with modern performance additives and treatments to give your engine the protection and the performance needed under a wide variety operating of conditions.  Brooklyn Lubricants oil is ideal for passenger cars light trucks and commercial vehicles ie: taxis and limousines.

Brooklyn Lubricants Platinum Plus Oils Provides:

a. Protection against ambient temperature and cold crank thickening for smooth start ups.

b. Protection against high temperature operational thinning and vaporization (Kinematic viscosity) supported by additive Viscosity Improvers (VI).

c. Protection against deposits and particulate build up and wear (Detergents).

d. Protection against varnish and wear development.

e. Protection against high temperature volatility.

f. Protection from Foaming.

g. Protection from rust and oxidation.

Brooklyn Lubricants Platinum Plus oils are available in four grades:

SAE standards (society of automotive engineers)

0W-20 resource conserving;

5W-20 resource conserving;

5W-30 resource conserving;

10W-30 resource conserving.


Brooklyn Lubricants Platinum Plus Oils meets or exceeds the latest requirements specified by (API SN) American Petroleum Institute, (ILSAC GF-5) International Lubricants Standardization Approval Committee and (ACEA) Association Construction of European Automobiles. Brooklyn Lubricants oil is current for 2017 gasoline engine lubricants. These claims are backward compatible with earlier performance levels such as API SM, SL, AND SH and previous ILSAC and ACEA categories.





Benefits Summary:

Brooklyn Lubricants Platinum Plus oils provides Engine protection under a wide variety of operating conditions:


  • Provides excellent engine cleanliness.
  • Helps reduce engine wear and corrosion.
  • Meets or exceeds the latest industry specification for API SN and ILSAC GF-5 ratings.
  • Improves fuel economy.
  • Protects vehicle system emissions and components (ie: catalytic converter, oxygen sensors and turbo charges)
  • Provides Protection for engines when operating on ethanol containing fuel up to E85.
  • Improved filter clogging protection,
  • Better protection against oil sludge and oxidation in higher performance engine
  • Contains extra additive and treatment package that protects against oil shear in higher performance engines.
  • Reduces friction and oil consumption and lowers the carbon foot print and emissions.
  • Improves transfer of heat in all areas in an operational engine.