Brooklyn Lubricants engine oils are API SN approved. Brooklyn Lubricants are formulated from the highest quality conventional and synthetic base stocks available.  These superior base oils are combined with the latest engine oil additives to give you the protection and performance you need for your vehicle under all operating conditions.  

Brooklyn Lubricants engine oils are ideal for passenger cars and light trucks, and are robust enough for fleet service such as taxis and limousines. 

Brooklyn Lubricants engine oils provide: 

  •     Exceptional  defense against engine wear 
  •     Quick circulation at start up for superior engine protection, especially in cold weather 
  •     Resistance to shearing under high temperatures and engine loads 
  •     Prevention against  the formation of deposits, sludge, and varnish 
  •     Longer oil life due to lower volatility and premium rust, oxidation, and foaming resistance

Brooklyn Lubricants engine oils meet or exceed the latest specifications established by API (American Petroleum Institute), ILSAC (International Lubricants Standardization Approval Committee), and ACEA (Association Construction of European Automobiles), are designed for today’s modern cars, and are backwards compatible with older API service classes.

*Always consult your owner’s manual for the proper fluids for your vehicle